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BETA Intl provides volunteer opportunities for engineering students and retirees to mentor students, engineers, and technicians in developing countries. Our particular focus is in Biomedical Technology, with the aim of improving and maintaining health care technology in resource-limited countries.

While BMET background is desirable for volunteers, it is not essential. We work with technical institutions, such as Arusha Technical College in Northern Tanzania, to develop practical troubleshooting and repair skills in settings that have been traditionally strong on theory and weak on practical experience. Students graduating from these programs must be particularly resourceful due to limited access to test equipment and repair parts. Both students and faculty need engineering mentors.

BETA is currently active in Haiti and Tanzania. Our ultimate goal is to enhance health care technology in countries identified by the World Health Organization as having high rates of nonfunctional medical equipment (sometimes over 80%), by:

  1. Improving the availability of functioning medical equipment through donations, repair, and maintenance;
  2. Training local biomedical technologists and engineers to repair and maintain medical equipment properly;
  3. Facilitating local academic training programs that are self-sustaining and adaptive to new medical technologies;
  4. Updating local biomedical technologists to instruct medical staff on proper care and use of medical devices;
  5. Collaborating with local providers to offer secure accommodations to volunteers, and to partner with other organizations providing technical training and repair services.

BETA welcomes and encourages your inquiries and support, through donations or volunteer efforts. As a small nonprofit, run by volunteers with no paid staff, we are more flexible and have lower administrative overhead than many larger organizations.

Dan Schuster,
Executive Director and Founder